Want to be certain that the olive oil you put in your body each day is of excellent quality?

You've come to the right place!

Most olive oils sold on the market are assigned a shelf-life of 2 years or more. Yet olive oil is a vegetal product that begins to loose its flavors and anti-oxidative properties over the course of 3 to 12 months after pressing. More often than not, you end up consuming oil that has gone stale.

Until now...

At Top Crop, we really dig fresh and healthy. We're not going to convince you to keep using an olive oil after it has lost its flavor and polyphenols. Instead, we carefully select each one of our oils and release it only while it is in its prime, even if that means selling an oil for only a few weeks. The result is like eating a peach at the point of perfection each time. 

If you like high-integrity, nutritious food, you'll really come to appreciate the peace of mind and unbelievable flavor that comes with every bottle of Top Crop oil. Flavors like arugula, tomato or artichoke, that smack of the vegetal world. With plenty of antioxidants to boot.

Have a look at our enticing peak olive oils...

Our Fall Oil

is a special release for the holidays and arrives on your doorstep a whopping 5 days after pressing. In its raw state, it is wonderfully fragrant and peaks in 6-8 weeks.

Our Winter Oil

is a delicate and grassy Sicilian from the Etna Volcano. It is exquisite and graceful on seafood, salads and white meats. Peaks by March.

Our Spring Oil

is a spicy number with juicy tomato aromas. It is medium in intensity, with a nice dose of polyphenols that make it shine on pasta, burrata and tomato sauces.

Our Summer Oil

has a strong peppery quick and bitter bite, like fresh arugula, which complements grilled foods. This oil is highly stable and we guarantee its peak freshness for 12 months.