Top Crop - in a nutshell

  • Each year, our curator Lina chooses the best-crafted drizzling oils from California and Italy
  • You order a share of this highly sought-after crop between July 1st and September 1st
  • Then kick back and wait for these oils to show up at your front stoop throughout the year
  • So you can discover delightful olive varieties that taste like grass, tomato, artichoke, green banana
  • (While reaping the health benefits of polyphenols and other antioxidants)
  • All of it served up in a beautiful bottle and with tips to make you a more discerning olive oil lover

Why Top Crop?

Top Crop is a small Boston-based company with the flexibility to sell first-rate olive oils
only while they are at their peak. We believe that the ingredients we use daily to cook at home can have a cumulative impact on our health.

We don't abide by the industry's cookie-cutter shelf life of 2 years because most olive oils start losing their antioxidants around 3 to 12 months after pressing. Instead, we assign smart shelf lives on an oil-by-oil basis. Our shelf lives range from 6 weeks to 13 months after pressing.

The proof is in the pudding... or in the oil. Our oils are among the fruitiest and healthiest on the market, loaded with aromas and antioxidants.

If you care about what you put in your body yet don't have time to vet the mass of olive oils on offer to make sure they are fresh and healthy, Top Crop simplifies your life by guaranteeing olive oils at their prime.

We understand olive oil inside out, from the agronomy to the biochemistry, from the milling to the sensory science. We're olive oil geeks!



Wait, tell me more... what is a drizzling oil?

Drizzling oils are used as an ingredient in a dish rather than as a cooking fat. They are the oils you reach for to season salad or pasta, to make a dressing for fish or meat, to dunk bread or pizza, to moisten burrata or feta, to give a kick to hearty soups, to season low-fat foods and much more. They are all about flavor and mouthfeel whereas cooking oils are more about heat conduction, flavor dissemination and smoking point.

Who is behind this?

Our founder, Lina is an olive oil wizard and 10-time judge at the New York and Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competitions. For the last 7 years, she's tasted hundreds of olive oils from across the globe including the good, the ugly and the sublime.

She looks for 3 things in an olive oil:

- high-integrity fat and high-polyphenol content (for health)

- a progressive producer (for top-notch and consistent quality)

- and fruity, appetizing flavors (for pleasure!)

Lina leads the Top Crop team, including part-time Contributors and Interns. Our partners-in-crime are producers and scientists that are blazing trails and setting the future's best practices.

What should I expect polyphenol-rich olive oil to taste like?

Just like craft beer, dark chocolate, sourdough bread and third-wave coffee, quality olive oil can take you by surprise if you come from a lifelong habit of stale oil (Budweiser/Hershey bars/Wonderbread/Maxwell coffee).

Olive oil comes from the olive fruit and should have a decisive olivey taste. Since few people have had the opportunity to taste a raw olive, allow us to tell describe it as quite green, bitter and peppery - like arugula or mustard greens. What makes it bitter and peppery are the antioxidants (polyphenols), which are also good for you. So there you have it, polyphenol-rich olive oil will taste vegetal and green, bitter and peppery.

If you have a curious palate, you'll "get" these olive oils in little to no time. You'll even come to love their bitter and peppery pizzica and will find it hard to go back to spent oils. Because life's to short for stale oil!