If you've never had olio novello, you're in for a surprise. Cloudy, grassy, primal are all good adjectives to describe the very first batch of oil that comes off the press in its raw state, before filtration. Coveted by many foodies but limited in availability novello is in a category all its own, ephemeral and mythical like autumn truffles.

Our novello is the real, rad deal: it arrives on your door 5 days within pressing and peaks within 6 weeks. This is not the same as "novello" sold 3 months after pressing.

The simplest and most delicious way to enjoy novello is fettunta also called bruschetta, that is, grilled bread rubbed with a garlic clove and drizzled in new oil. You'll also love adding a pool of emerald-green novello atop mashed potatoes or thin slices of roast beef, on sauteed broccoli or spinach as well as lentil or chickpea soups. It is delicious on pasta with a hint of garlic, or, you've guessed it, a few shavings of fresh truffle.